• Product Features of Aluminum Alloy Cable

    Aluminum alloy cables are mainly made of aluminum alloy. When used, their products have a variety of product characteristics.

    1. Creep resistance

    Avoids relaxation problems due to cold flow or creep.

    2. Tensile strength and elongation

    Greatly improved the tensile strength, and the elongation is increased to 30%, making it safer and more reliable to use.

    3. Thermal expansion coefficient

    The expansion and contraction of the aluminum alloy conductor is exactly the same as the connector.

    4. Connectivity

    Electrical connections made of aluminum alloy are as safe and stable as connections made of copper conductors.

    5. Strong self-weight carrying capacity

    The aluminum alloy improves the tensile strength of pure aluminum. The aluminum alloy cable can support its own weight of 4,000 meters, and the copper cable can only support 2750 meters.

    6. Anti-corrosion performance

    The inherent corrosion resistance of aluminum comes from the formation of a thin and strong oxide layer when the aluminum surface comes into contact with air. The corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy is much better than copper.

    7. Flexibility

    Aluminum alloy has good bending performance, making terminal connection easier.

    8. Armor characteristics

    Depending on the place of use, different outer sheath layers can be selected to make the use of armored cables more extensive.

    9. Tightening characteristics

    Through the maximum compression, it can make up for the lack of volume conductivity of the aluminum alloy, make the stranded conductor core like a solid conductor, significantly reduce the outer diameter of the core, and improve the conductivity.

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