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    Buried Cable

    Introduction of Buried Cable

    NLVV agricultural buried wire is a kind of widely used in the field wild buried type of wire.Usually use aluminium as conductor, polyethylene insulated, PVC sheathed.The product of low cost, wide range of USES, the line buried in the ground, at ordinary times is not easy to be damaged, also can prevent fire welding random hook, etc in the overhead lines on the road, greatly improving the rural power supply management.

    NLVV agricultural buried wire specifications

    Model    Name and Purpose

    NLYV      agricultural buried aluminum core polyethylene insulation, PVC sheathed wires
    NLYV-H  agricultural buried aluminum core polyethylene insulation, cold-resistant PVC sheathed wires
    NLYV-Y  agricultural buried aluminum core polyethylene insulation, anti-ants PVC sheathed wires
    NLYY     agricultural buried aluminum core PE insulated, black PE sheathed wire
    NLVV     agricultural buried buried aluminum core PVC insulated, PVC sheathed wire


    Advantage of Buried Cable

    1. Compared with line, buried lines without pole, porcelain insulator, cross arm, pull, etc., therefore can save a lot of steel and cement.

    2. Use the overhead line,those criss-cross distribution of a wide range of telegraph poles,bring great inconvenience to farming,a rough estimate, each a fundamental electric pole,and will affect the penny of farming. Replaced by buried lines, will occupy farmland,less easy cultivation,but also solve the conflict between transmission and planting trees.

    3. When choosing overhead line conductors, due to consider its mechanical strength, should not be commonly use LGJ - 10 or LJ - 16 the following section of conductor,however buried in the ground and ground line, don't inherit the wire tension resulting from itself weight, so the wire section can choose only according to the size of the power load, can have more opportunity to use more than overhead line thin wires.

    4. Due to the lines buried in the ground, not easily affected by the storm, snow, ice and other natural disasters, there is no overhead line common pole, break the accidents such as;While eliminating the power line and telephone line, TV closed route, GuangBoXian cross across the contradiction, not easy also happen personal casualty accident getting an electric shock, even break ground line leakage, reflected in the step on the ground is also very small (less than 2 V), to further ensure the safety of people's lives and property.


    Application of Buried Cable

    This product is directly buried for rural underground laying. Connected to the AC rated voltage U0 / U for the 450 / 750V and below fixed distribution lines and electrical equipment and other places to use (referred to as agricultural Buried line).

    Characteristic  of Buried Cable

    (1) Wires rated voltage U0 / U for 450/750 v;

    (2) The long-term working temperature of the wire should not exceed 70 ℃;

    (3) Wire laying installation of the ambient temperature should not be less than 0 ℃, allowing bending radius: conductive core cross-section of 35mm2 and below the wire should not be less than 6D. The cross-section of conductor is 50mm2 and above the wire should not be less than 8D (D-wire diameter);

    (4) The laying depth of the wire should be greater than 0.8m. The wire should be laid in the permafrost below where permafrost depth of the place greater than 0.8m.


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