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    Aluminum-coated Aluminum Alloy Conductors Steel-reinforced


    Compared with the traditional ACSR, aluminum-clad steel core heat-resistant aluminum alloy wire has the advantages of high operating temperature, good heat resistance, large cut-off, good corrosion resistance, and good creep performance. The most important feature of the heat-resistant aluminum alloy wire is that it allows the working temperature to be high. Compared with the steel-cored aluminum stranded wire with the same cross-section, the cut-off flux can be increased by more than 50%. During the process of capacity expansion and transformation of the line, especially in the narrow area of the line corridor, only The replacement of the heat-resistant aluminum alloy wires with similar cross-section specifications can achieve the purpose of increasing the power transmission capacity without replacing the tower. This is very suitable for places where land restrictions are used, or where it takes more manpower and financial resources to upgrade lines.

    JLHA1/LB1A the specifications of Aluminum-coated Aluminum Alloy Conductors Steel-reinforced

    25 40 63 100 125 125 160 200 250
    Steel  Ratio%
    16.7 16.7 16.7 16.7 16.7 5.6 16.3 5.6 5.6 9.8
    17.7 27.7 44.3 69.8 110 143 139 183 229 282
    coated Steel
    2.96 4.62 7.39 11.6 18.5 7.94 22.6 10.2 12.7 27.7
    Total 20.7 32.3 51.7 81.4 129 151 161 193 241 310
    The Number of Single Wire Alu.
    6 6 6 6 6 18 26 18 18 22
    coated Steel
    1 1 1 1 1 7 1 7 1 7
    Wire Dia.
    1.94 2.42 3.07 3.85 4.85 3.18 2.61 3.60 4.02 4.04
    coated Steel
    1.94 2.42 3.07 3.85 4.85 3.18 2.03 3.60 4.02 2.25
    coated Steel Reinforced
    1.94 2.42 3.07 3.85 4.85 3.18 6.08 3.60 4.02 6.74
    Conductors 5.82 7.26 9.21 11.6 14.6 15.9 16.5 18.0 20.1 22.9
    Rated Anti-pull Force  (kN) 9.31 14.
    86 122.

    Performance advantages

    1.Has good electrical conductivity;

    2.With excellent mechanical properties, long service life;

    3.Large transmission capacity, long distance, low loss, which can realize a wide range of optimal allocation of resources;

    4.Some special model specifications have different levels of breakthrough in electrical conductivity and mechanical properties, and can adapt to various special occasions (such as energy saving, heat resistance, capacity expansion, anti-corrosion, windproof, anti-ice and snow).

    Heat resistance: It can effectively operate at high temperature of 200°C, especially in the event of heavy snowstorm. By increasing the cut-off of the power transmission line, the operating temperature of the wire is increased, melting the ice and snow covered on the transmission line,to maximize the protection of transmission line from the effects of snow and ice.

    High mechanical strength: When the power line is covered with ice, it can withstand twice the weight of the ordinary wire, which greatly increases the load capacity of the wire.
    High conductivity: energy saving 6%, under the same load transmission conditions, to avoid magnetic losses and thermal effects, with a lower operating temperature, can reduce transmission losses of about 6%.

    Light weight: The reduction of its own weight, but also increase its carrying capacity in ice and snow.

    Corrosion resistance: The service life is more than twice that of ordinary wires, effectively delaying the aging of wires.

    Investment cost: Due to the characteristics of high tensile strength, low fatigue, light weight, etc., the span between the pole and the tower can be increased, the height can be reduced, and the cost of the tower pole can be saved.

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